About Us

About Us

PNP Biotech, located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, is an international trading company with over 20 years of experience supplying nutritional ingredients.

PNP stands for Prudent and Persistent, and with this belief and value in mind, we provide high-quality products and proven, reliable supply chain support to our customers worldwide.

With our manufacturing plants throughout China, we can produce stable quality products and offer a wide range of customized services by directly controlling the quality of our production.

In addition, we are constantly researching new technologies, developing new products, and actively setting up warehouses overseas to reduce our customers' purchasing and shipping costs.

We believe that as long as we put in efforts and sincerity, we can reap long-term and friendly cooperation with our customers, and we believe that soon, we will also start a brand new journey of collaboration with you!


We are committed to human health services. Strictly in accordance with the national pharmacopoeia production process index control audit, HACCP, and other quality management system to strictly demand themselves, strictly control the quality. Giving us an advantage, we are able to pass savings on to you.

We are always happy to answer your questions or to assist you with any concerns that you may have, and we’re here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days of the year!